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Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic - 4th generation (DMR 4G)

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Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic of the 4th generation (DMR 4G)

Product information
NameDigital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic of the 4th generation (DMR 4G)
Commercial code 64110
Export unitSM 5 map sheet (2.5x2 km)
Unit price500 CZK for the first to twentieth export unit. Reduced price 125 CZK for an export unit from the 21st export. Further discounts and surcharges according to the Pricelist:
Export formats
Coordinate systemsS-JTSK / Krovak EN
Product descriptionThe Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic of the 4th generation (DMR 4G) represents a picture of natural or by human activity modified terrain surface in digital form as heights of discrete points in a regular grid (5 x 5 m) with coordinates X,Y,H, where H means the altitude in the Baltic Vertical Datum - After Adjustment with total standard error of 0.3 m of height in the bare terrain and 1 m in forested terrain. The model is based on the data acquired by altimetry airborne laser scanning of the Czech Republic territory between years 2009 and 2013. DMR4G is established to analyse terrain situation at regional scale and character, e.g. for extensive transport and water management projects planning, natural phenomena modelling etc.
Update cycle - update state DMR 4G has been continuously updated together with update and data verification of Fundamental Base of Geographic Data of the Czech Republic by Land Survey Office since 2013. Methods of digital stereophotogrammetry and airborne laser scanning at selected areas are used.
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Terms of use - charging the dataCharged according to the Pricelist:
Access restriction - licence agreement and other restrictionProvided on the base of a Licence Agreement. Terms of Exploitation - see the Terms of Trade:
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Contact - product informationLand Survey Office , Phone: +420 284 041 605 , e-mail:
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