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INSPIRE Coordinate Transformation Service

ČÚZK provides on-line coordinate transformation service in the form of WCTS (Web Coordinate Transformation Service) according to the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) Standard version 0.4.0.

The service allready also fulfils the INSPIRE specification - it is adjusted according to the document Technical Guidance for the INSPIRE Coordinate Transformation Service v. 2.1.

The service enables to transform digital geospatial data between coordinate reference systems S-JTSK, S-JTSK/05 and ETRS89 including transformation of elevations between systems ETRS89 (GRS80) and Bpv. The service also enables transformations between coordinate reference systems specified by the INSPIRE Directive: ETRS89-LAEA, ETRS89-LCC, ETRS89-TM33 and ETRS89-TM34, including transformation of elevations in the EVRS system.

The transformation library ETJTZU 2018 (installation version 2017-12-20) developed by Land Survey Office was implemented to the service. This library performs refined global transformations between ETRS89 and S-JTSK and is authorized by Czech Office for Mapping, Surveying and Cadaster for transformations of the data measured by GNSS since January 1, 2018.

RMSE of transformation in the position between S-JTSK and ETRS89 when using this service reaches value:
mp = 0.036 m.

Provided operations and the list of coordinate systems for that the transformations provided are specified in properties of the service (GetCapabilities). The service may be used independently or as a part of other services and applications.

The service is published at the ČÚZK Geoportal and provides following operations:

  • GetCapabilities - this operation enables the client to demand and obtain services of metadata.
  • Transform - this operation enables the client to demand and obtain the transformation.
  • IsTransformable - this operation enables the client to ask the server, whether it is possible to perform the transformation.
The service client - application Coordinates Transformation is available at the Geoportal ČÚZK.

The service is provided free-of-charge and without a need of registration.

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