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Geodetic Applications

Geodetic applications are aimed for a support of surveying activities in a terrain and their subsequent evaluation in the mandatory coordinate reference systems. The geodetic applications are based on results of activities in the geodetic control, from which they provide outputs, eventually other related information.

The application Transformation of Coordinates enables transformations between coordinate reference systems mandatory on the territory of the Czech Republic resp. in the frame of the EU. It is possible to transform single coordinates, text files with a list of coordinates or GML files. There is applied the WCTS service for transformations, which uses a computational module of the ETJTZU program approved by ČÚZK for the transformation between coordinate reference systems ETRS89 (ETRF2000) and S-JTSK.

CZEPOS data downloads is application of modern geodetic control, i.e. geodetic control represented with the network of reference stations enabling reception of the signals of global navigational satellite systems (GNSS). The aim of the application is downloading of data products of the Network of Permanent Stations GNSS of the Czech Republic (CZEPOS). CZEPOS traffic monitoring application provides online monitoring of the functionality of the CZEPOS services provided in real-time. CZEPOS control of accuracy is application which monitors an accuracy of the CZEPOS services in the different areas of the Czech Republic.

Application Geodetic control - Explanation of Existence will allow owners or authorized property users to determine whether and what geodetic control points are located in the territory affected by their construction activities.

Geodetic Control Search is the application of classical geodetic control, i.e. geodetic control represented with the geodetic control points firmly monumented in a terrain with a well known coordinates in the mandatory reference systems. The aim of the apllication is enabling free of charge downloads of geodetic data of geodetic control points based on the graphical search of points above the selected map or on the text search according to the input parameters. Application Geodetic Control Statistics monitors the number of geodetic data downloaded from the Database of Geodetic Control. Reports about damages of the geodetic control, which are found in the terrain, is possible to send to relevant maintainer of geodetic control points using the application called Geodetic Control Error Reporting.

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