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About metadata

Metadata are structured information that can be searched, classified and further exploited. The metadata in the ČÚZK domain are maintained in Czech and English and they describe spatial data files, their sets, web services and applications. The metadata contain information as follows:

  • Whom to contact in case you need information about a data set
  • Where to order/buy the data
  • Which data formats are available
  • What is the update date
  • Extent of the data set
  • What is the data/service quality
Metadata descriptions are provided in own profile that we implement:
  • Metadata requirements set out in Commission Regulation No 1205/2008
  • Metadata interoperability requirements specified in Commission Regulation No. 1089/2010
  • National metadata profile (version 4.2)
  • EN ISO 19115, 19119 a 19139
The search service makes possible to search in the metadata in two modes – basic (full text search) or in extended mode (search in specific items or their combinations). The search service is based on the OGC CSW standard.

The metadata can be at the ČÚZK Geoportal received in these variants:
  • Product information – basic information in a table
  • Detailed metadata – complete metadata record displayed in a human readable form
  • XML record – computer record for further exploitation

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