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Product descriptionGeoprocessing service LineOfSight is a public service intended for visibility analysis execution using the digital terrain or digital surface model. The geoprocessing service enables to find out, which parts of surface/terrain along the given line leading from observation to target point are visible. User can use digital surface model of the 1st generation rasterized to 2 m resolution, digital terrain model of the 4th generation rasterized to 2 m resolution, or digital terrain model of the 5th generation rasterized to 5 m resolution. Selection of the input model is set in "Model" parameter. When using the service it is necessary to choose the observation location, choose the target location and specify offset above the surface/terrain. The result of the analysis is line of sight (line of visibility) with visible and invisible parts leading on the surface. The target is visible (TarIsVis = 1), if there is no terrain or surface barrier along the line between observation and target points. The target is not visible (TarIsVis = 0), if there is a barrier limiting the direct visibility of the target. The barrier is detected, if the line crosses terrain, or forrest or building in case of the digital surface model. The geoprocessing service LineOfSight is distinctly faster in contrast with geoprocessing service Visibility. The service can be used with advantage for visibility analysis for longer distances.
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ContactCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, Křížek, Milan , phone: +420 284 047 430 , e-mail:
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