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ZABAGED® - planimetric components

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ZABAGED® - planimetric components - introduction

The Fundamental Base of Geographic Data of the Czech Republic (ZABAGED®) is a digital vector geographic model of the territory of the Czech Republic (CR), which is administered by Land Survey Office in the public interest. ZABAGED® is a part of the Information System of Land Surveying according to Act No. 200/1994 Collection of Laws of the Czech Republic as amended. Detailed content and administration are determined by the Regulation of COSMC No. 31/1995 Coll., as amended, implementing the Act No. 200/1994. List of the feature types including their definition, data sources, geometric representations, attributes, identifiers into  other information systems of public administration is published in Katalog objektů ZABAGED® (pdf), (web version).
ZABAGED® is used as a base layer in geographic information systems (GIS), primarily in information systems of the public service. It is also the main source of information for the creation of basic topographic maps of the Czech Republic at scales of 1:5,000 to 1:250,000. Currently selected feature types of ZABAGED® are used for INSPIRE data structure. On the base of user needs, the ZABAGED® content is gradually being expanded and refined, including geometrical position of elements.

At present, ZABAGED® consists of 142 types of geographic objects classified in planimetry or altimetry section of ZABAGED®. Information about altimetry section of ZABAGED® can be found in folder ZABAGED®- altimetry.

Planimetry section of ZABAGED® contains two dimensional (2D) spatial information and descriptive information on settlements, comunications, utility networks and pipelines, hydrology, administrative units and protected areas, vegetation and surface, terrain relief. It includes selected data on geodetic reference points within the territory of CR. It consists of 139 types of geographical objects. It is maintained as a seamless database for the entire territory of the CR in a centralised information system managed by the Land Survey Office.

Production of ZABAGED® began in 1995 by vectorization of prints of BM 10, but conceptual preparation works had taken place before that date. ZABAGED® was completed in the whole range of pre-defined feature types and in the entire territory of the CR in 2004. Chronological information about  ZABAGED®  foundation and its development till 2014 was published in the article Základní báze geografických dat (ZABAGED®) - dílo jedné generace českých zeměměřičů [Fundamental Base of Geographic Data (ZABAGED®) – The Work of One Generation of the Czech Surveyors], in  magazine GaKO, volume 62/104, 2016, number 4.

Since the beginning of existence of ZABAGED® the feature types have been regularly revised and updated in two principal ways. Periodic data updating has been in process on the base of remote sensing methods, contact with municipalities, available internet information and topographic field surveys. Great emphasis is also being put on the use of outputs from public administration information systems. Therefore, the second way for data updating - Continuous data updating is based on using external data. Selected feature types have been updated continuously in cooperation with primary administrators of this data. Update Status Reports, see tables Periodic Update Status,  Update status of building features and Continuous Update Status, which also contains a list of external sources.

ZABAGED® data are also geometrically refined thanks to more accurate outputs from remote sensing and the use of other sources. In the years 2013 – 2019, based on data from aerial laser scanning, targeted systematic refinement of selected types of objects took place. The project was focused on recorded roads and highways, railway lines, waterway axes and shorelines, terrain grades, dimensioned points, including topologically connected elements.
In the years 2015-2021, comprehensive positional accuracy of buildings and other construction objects took place using ISKN data. In the following years, the refinement of buildings in the territory where the digitization of the cadastre was completed was gradually completed. and in 2023, positional precision was also carried out in the rest of the territory in places without a digital cadastral map.

Some feature types contain so-called identifiers as an attribute which forms an integration key to find more detailed information about a geographic object in the primary external data source. This creates the pre-requisites for integration of ZABAGED® within the public administration information system.

Due to the content and geometric inconsistency of information provided by individual primary geographic data administrators, the Land Survey Office ensures their harmonization so that ZABAGED® forms a complex, topologically harmonized geographic model of the territory of the Czech Republic.

A suitable addition to the ZABAGED® data is the output from the Geonames database.
ZABAGED® file datasets are provided in selected formats by ATOM download services as open data from 01/07/2023, free of charge under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.
Another option for data distribution is the export of data slices in the Geoviewer application and WFS and ArcGIS REST services.
You can use the eshop application to order data in other formats and other forms of distribution.

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