The eSHOP proposes a direct ordering of digital data managed by Land Survey Office files at the Internet. It makes possible also ordering of printed (analogue) maps and web services.

To view the extension of proposed products and their metadata display, no user registration is required; for shopping itself it is.

There are two modes to work in the eSHOP: without logging in and as a logged in user.

Without log-in

Any user can do following operations without logging in:

search the products
view product information
export units display in the map
adding a product into the cart
viewing the cart contents in the map
new user registration

These operations are of course available also to users logged in.

After log-in

For following operations you should be logged in:

creation of the order
sending the order
display of users’ orders
display of users’ services
contact information administration
password change
control question change

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