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State Map Series - introduction

The State map series consists of map sheets showing seamlessly the territory of the Czech Republic, processed according to common standards, and published by the State Authority in public interest. State Map Series, obligatory for the territory of the Czech Republic, are specified by Government Provision No. 430/2006 Sb. The series includes base state map series which contains basic, generally useable content, and thematic state map series with additional thematic phenomena on the background state map series.

ZTM/S-JTSK and ZTM/ETRS89 they represent the most important part of the state map work next to the cadastral map. The set of basic topographic maps of medium scale (ZTM Czech Republic) is a topographic character , containing a seminar, altitude and description . The Czech Republic is processed in two coordinate reference systems National S-JTSK and International ETRS89-TMN. This corresponds to the pros of map sheets and their marking. The additional Map sheets ZTM/S-JTSK are parallel to the S-JTSK coordinate axes, and thus corresponds to the needs of the use of digital data in GIS, and is also compatible with large scale maps. The Plans of Map Sheets ZTM/ETRS89 is based on the recommendations of inspire legislation and use the definition of the territory by geographical coordinates. The underlying data of the entire set of ZTM Both forms of ZTM Another output provided is the georeferentiated files with a composite raster image of the map content, which will also be used in the Map Services of the ČÚZK Geoportal. The third variant of providing ZTM the Czech Republic is Vector Data of the Cartographic Models of ZTM/S-JTSK in DGN and SHP format. All this data is provided as open data with CC by 4.0 . The digital form of basic topographic maps of medium scale is used in geographical information systems, map portals and web applications in the role of underlying and review maps thanks to uniform processing for the whole territory of the Czech Republic and data availability.

Map of the Czech Republic at the scale of 1:500 000 is a general geographic map of small scale . It shows the entire territory of the Czech Republic on a single map sheet, processed using digital technology. It is used, among others, as a navigation layer in Geoportal CUZK and other departmental web applications.

Thematic state map series published by the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre are available only in printed form.

Compilation and update of the state map series, published by the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, are executed by the Land Survey Office with the exception of cadastral maps which are produced by cadastral offices.

More information on the entire selection of map products of the Land Survey Office, including printed unfolded and folded printed maps, can be found in the Product Catalogue of the Land Survey Office.

The State map series file datasets are provided in selected formats by ATOM download services as open data from 01/07/2023, free of charge under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.
Another option for data distribution is the export of data slices in the Geoviewer application.
You can use the eshop application to order data in other formats and other forms of distribution.

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