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The Czech Office for Surveying Mapping and Cadastre (COSMC) maintains spatial data sets according to Act No.344/1992 Coll. – on Cadastre - and Act No.200/1994 Coll. – on Land Surveying. The Act on Land Surveying has been revised by the amendment of the Act on Free Access to Data on Environment so that it specifies spatial data sets provided for the national infrastructure for spatial information:

  • state base map series for public use,
  • geodetic data about provisions of fundamental geodetic control,
  • databases,
  • orthophotographic imagery of the entire territory of the Republic,
  • database set of geographical names.

The aim is to provide spatial data sets (geodata) according to data specification laid down by the INSPIRE implementation rule for harmonization and interoperability defined by the Directive and supplemented by the „guideline” documents as a recommendation for implementation. In this data model the data will be provided at the latest 6 months after their updating in the source data base, but presumably more often will provide Vector data will be used for the implementation only.

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