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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do product metadata include links to atom services in addition to data download links?

For ordinary users, the most important functionality of ATOM services is their use for downloading opendat data files.However, the services have more useful functions, in particular the search that enables orientation in the files, as well as the notification of their updates in the provider's data warehouse.
The possibilities of using all functions of ATOM services are described in this document.

How do I find the recency of the offered spatial data?

Before purchasing the data may be viewed free of charge from the entire territory of the Czech Republic in the Geoviewer application. The browsing services include always the most recent spatial data available.

Metadata update information for individual selected products files and the cadastral maps digitisation state are available under the link Update Status in the table Product Information that is a part of information on data in the section Data

Current state of scanned raster cadastre maps can be viewed in application Archives-WEB New window.

More information on completed digital and digitized cadastre maps can be found here New window.

How could I exploit map (viewing) services provided by CUZK domain?

CUZK provides a free of charge access to the Real Estate Cadastre graphical data, state map series, orthophoto of the Czech Republic, ZABAGED ®, Data50, Data250, Geonames and information of the geodetic control by public map services. It is possible to choose from a wide offer of WMS, WMTS or ArcGIS map services.

Browsing services are available to users both for viewing in the ČÚZK Geoportal applications and for use in all applications supporting the connection of map services, without the need for registration.

The overview of applications (clients), in which WMS services were tested is provided here.

The overview of applications (clients), in which WMTS services were tested, is provided here.

Is it necessary to use for ordering printed products always this application?

Not at all! For ordering prints we do not require any license, as for digital products Prints may be provided upon presentation of:

  • Order from the form on-line sale of printed products New window.
  • written orders, orders made by fax, e-mail or data box ZÚ - data box ID: 6yvadsa. In this case, the applicant will receive the prints on cash on delivery, or payment can be made in cash at the map shop
  • an order made in person in the Map Shop New window.

How to order the data?

Information about ordering the Real Estate Cadastre data is available here New window.

Archival data and aerial surveying images as well as printed maps and publications can be ordered in E-shop.

Printed products can also be ordered by filling the form on-line sale of printed products New window.

Open data Nové okno does not need to be ordered, it is possible to download them directly. The e-shop can be used to submit a request to convert open data into another format or to provide it on a technical data carrier.

What software to use for data processing?

Suitable software for data files processing
It is necessary to use software which enables processing of georeferenced data.
Those are vector data in formats shp, dgn, dfx, gml and raster data formats completed by files for positioning in a coordinate reference system TIF (TFW), JPG (JGW), CIT. GIS software (Geomedia, ArcGIS etc.) or CAD products (Microstation, Autocad etc.)can be used.

Suitable software for working with Web Map Services
A list of WMS clients is presented here New window.
A list of WMTS clients is presented here New window.
For viewing map services our client Geoviewer is sufficient.

How to combine the data and view services correctly?

The data of the CUZK, eventually view services published from these data, may be combined e.g. in following way:
Cadastre map + orthophoto,
Geonames + orthophoto,
ZABAGED® - planimetry + orthophoto,
ZABAGED® - contours + orthophoto.
Examples of suitable chosen CUZK view services compositions can be visualised in Geoviewer.

How to report an error in data?

Comments to the quality of the Land Survey Office products (maps – excepting cadastre map, Orthophoto ČR, Geonames, ZABAGED®, namely discrepancies between their representation in the product and the real state in the field, may be reported by using function “Hlášení chyb New window” (“Reporting of Errors”).
Reporting on errors in geodetic control may be done here.
A faulty position of definition point of a parcel or of a building may be reported here New window.

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