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Web map context - Geomorphological units CR - 1998

Product information
NameWeb map context - Geomorphological units CR - 1998
Commercial code Commercial code is not defined
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Unit price
Product descriptionWeb map context Geomorphological units CR - 1998 gives an overview of the geomorphological regionalization of the Czech Republic. The view service displays map of geomorphological regionalization of the Czechia, which has been drawn into State map 1:100 000 sheets for the Land Survey Office in 1994-1998 by RNDr. Bretislaus Balatka, CSc. The composition is compiled to be viewed in the Geoviewer CUZK view services client where the pre-set composition can be changed with the “Change map” function. The base is AGS View Service – Geomorphological units CR - 1998.
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Service location
Data set provided by the service Provided data
Conditions applying to access and use No charges
Repeated use of the data provided by the service for commercial purposes is prevented by incomporation of protective marks (ČÚZK copyright).
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ContactCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, Srovnal Pavel, Mgr. , phone: +420 284 041 860 , e-mail:
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