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Czech Names of Seas and International Territories

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NameCzech Names of Seas and International Territories
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Product descriptionThe publication "Czech Names of Seas and International Territories " continues in the Index of Czech Exonyms (2, extended and updated edition, Prague 2011) from the content and the concept point of view as well. The names of oceans, seas, their bodies, sea currents and submarine objects can also exist as Czech exonyms (domestic form of foreign geographic names) even though the Czech Republic is a landlocked country. It is stated in the published Index of Czech Exonyms that Czech forms of names of seas were mentioned only when the sea was lying in the sovereignty of just one country. The Commission on Geographical Names of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre has now worked out a more comprehensive list of seas for standardisation and completed it with objects outside populated continents. ISBN 978-80-86918-71-6.
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