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Geographical names of the Czech Republic

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NameGeographical names of the Czech Republic
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Product descriptionThe publication is based on the recommendations of the UN conferences on the standardization of geographic names. It contains more than 4000 selected toponyms (names of geographical objects) in the range of 1:500 000 map. It is a list of names of settlement and non settlement objects. There is noted whether it is a municipality or a city or their part in the list of settlement objects. The administrative division is also indicated. There is more complex division and some additional data for the non settlement objects. The altitude is specified for the mountains, mountain passes and saddles, caves and chasms. Not only the length in kilometers, but also the classification in the catchment area of the higher order is stated for the water courses, the average size and a name of the flowing water course is specified for the water surfaces. It is therefore a handy encyclopedia of geographic names for the territory of Czech Republic. The publication is supplemented by two synoptic maps of Czech Republic (settlements, physical-geographical map) at a scale of 1:500 000. ISBN 978-80-86918-93-8.
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