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Technical Requirements for Operating the ČÚZK Geoportal Applications

In order to ensure a right functioning of the Geoportal, including the Internet Shop, the support of Cookies is not required. The support of JavaScript for functioning of Geobrowser is required. Before opening the Portal to the public the correct functioning of the applications is always tested on current versions of Internet browsers:
  1. Microsoft Edge 118+
  2. Mozilla Firefox 121+
  3. Safari 16+
  4. iOS Safari 16+
  5. Google Chrome 118+

At the same time, the web browser needs to support WebGL2 and be 64-bit.

Use of Proxy servers, Internet accelerators and optimizers of the HTTPS, i.e. of common products that can in some way interfere with transferred data and modify them is problematic. In some instances these products do not respect standards of the HTTPS protocol applied (concerned mostly exploitation of cache, hidden fields in form, etc.). Should you encounter some problems:
  1. check if you are not using a product of this type, eventually adapt its settings;
  2. erase cache (temporary files) of the viewer;
  3. try to reload the page by pressing CTRL+F5.

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