Feature category: 3. Distribution networks and pipelines
Feature type:
(with ordinal number)
Feature type code: ad030 (NF132)
Feature definition:

Distribution Substation - the main circuits of distribution equipment, i.e. equipment used in the production, distribution and consumption of electricity, which, together with the necessary part of the control system and auxiliary equipment, are located indoors or outdoors.
Transformer Substation - an electrical substation containing power transformers connecting two or more networks with different voltages.
Geometric determination of the feature: area centroid, (area)
Positional accuracy: mp = 2,0 m
Geometric data source: aerial survey photos, orthophoto, field recognition, Czech Energy Transmission System Operator
Descriptive data source:
A t t r i b u t e s :
Attribute name Data type Attribute subject Attribute values Code list
NAPETI1 VARCHAR2(5) voltage in kV
NAPETI2 VARCHAR2(5) voltage in kV
NAPETI3 VARCHAR2(5) voltage in kV
NAPETI4 VARCHAR2(5) voltage in kV
FID_ZBG VARCHAR2(40) unique feature identifier in ZABAGED®
S i z e   r e s t r i c t i o n s :
without restriction
E x a m p l e s :
Feature illustration; photo: ZÚ archives
Feature illustration; photo: ZÚ archives
Feature illustration; photo: ZÚ archives
F e a t u r e   h i s t o r y :
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