Feature category: 7. Terrain relief
Feature type:
(with ordinal number)
Feature type code: db161
Feature definition:

Solitary boulder - an isolated fragment of rock of larger dimensions separated from a rock formation and displaced by gravity, water, etc.
Solitary rock - an isolated, small-scale rock formation, which protrudes significantly above the surrounding surface, caused by weathering and rock removal processes, the retreat of opposite slopes or the preparation of more resistant rocks.
Rock hump - a ridge of various shape and size protruding in isolation above the surrounding lower surface, formed by more resistant rocks than the surrounding surface.
Geometric determination of the feature: point
Positional accuracy: mp = 10,0 m
Geometric data source: aerial survey photos, ortophoto, field recognition
Descriptive data source: Geonames
A t t r i b u t e s :
Attribute name Data type Attribute subject Attribute values Code list
JMENO VARCHAR2(100) name transferred from Geonames
FID_ZBG VARCHAR2(40) unique feature identifier in ZABAGED®
S i z e   r e s t r i c t i o n s :
height > 1 m
area < 1 000 m
E x a m p l e s :
Feature illustration - rock hump; photo: ZÚ archives
Feature illustration - isolated rock; photo: ZÚ archives
F e a t u r e   h i s t o r y :
2016-04-01: JMENO - attribute data type changed (VARCHAR2(80) -> VARCHAR2(100))
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