Feature category: 5. Territorial units, including protected areas
Feature type:
(with ordinal number)
Feature type code: fa230
Feature definition:

Delimited area designated for an exclusive mineral deposit during the prospecting or exploration period following the issue of an exclusive deposit certificate.
(*) The type of feature will be published after the contractual provision of data from the administrator.
Geometric determination of the feature: area
Positional accuracy: provided by the feature manager
Geometric data source:
Descriptive data source:
A t t r i b u t e s :
Attribute name Data type Attribute subject Attribute values Code list
NAZEV VARCHAR2(60) name of the protected deposit territory according to the administrator
ID VARCHAR2(15) code of the protected deposit territory according to the administrator
SUROVINA VARCHAR2(150) list of mined raw materials according to the administrator
FID_ZBG VARCHAR2(40) unique feature identifier in ZABAGED®
S i z e   r e s t r i c t i o n s :
without restriction
E x a m p l e s :
F e a t u r e   h i s t o r y :
2016-04-01: 5.18 PROTECTED DEPOSIT AREA *) (ft_fa230) - feature added to category
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